The Bahamas has three indigenous forms of music: Goombay, Junkanoo and Rake & Scrape. The beat of the drum and the rake of the saw create some of our signature sounds.

Famous Bahamian musicians include:

  • Ronnie Butler
  • DMac
  • KB
  • Puzzle
  • Ancient Man
  • Dyson Knight
  • Rup a Pum Pum
  • Elon “The Crab Man” Moxey
  • Phil Stubbs
  • Fred Ferguson
  • Baha Men—renowned for their remake of the song, “Who Let the Dogs Out”

Throwback giants include:

  • Dry Bread
  • Tony “The Obeah Man” McKay
  • Joseph Spence
  • Israel Forbes
  • Dr. Off.