Restaurants in The Berry Islands offer a number of superb fine-dining options, and you’ll have the option to dine al fresco on American, Bahamian, Continental and French cuisine. Historic Tamboo is where the rich and famous once wined and dined; Carriearl's Boutique is steeped in romance; Cooliemae's Sunset offers scenic views that live up to its name; and at Chub Cay Resort you’ll find the finest dining spot in the Southern Berry Islands. For a more casual setting, on the mainland there is the well-known Beach Club Restaurant & Bar, Hott Shotts offers down-home cooking, and a few spots provide a native Fish Fry experience. The cays offer several choices for sampling Bahamian food, with an emphasis on fresh fish, conch and lobster (in season) brought in daily from surrounding waters. A "must visit" is Flo’s Conch Bar on Little Harbour Cay, which has achieved worldwide fame for its delicious conch dishes; the Berry Islands Club is the number one spot on Frazer's Hog Cay, near Chub Cay; and Bone Fish Bar & Grill on Chub Cay is a fun hotspot.