The fine-dining options on Cat Island are sure to delight you, with a large variety of entrées including some that are a fusion of traditional Bahamian dishes with Continental influences. As expected, there is an emphasis on fresh seafood, with independent restaurants, hotels and resorts each offering their own specialty, often accompanied by sea views. Dishes include fresh grilled fish, chicken and duck; select cuts of beef, pork and veal; roasted rack of lamb; and pasta—all of which can be tailored to your taste. Cat Island's indigenous cuisine includes soups with a base of cassava, corn, okra or peas; boiled, corned, fried or stewed fish; cracked conch, conch salad, conch fritters or dried conch; crab and dough, crab and grits, corn tea, cassava chips, flour cake and potato bread. Be on the lookout for those items at any of the casual eateries and takeaways, and don’t hesitate to request something if you don’t see it on the menu. You can partake of “down-home” Cat Island cuisine at the annual Cat Island Rake & Scrape Festival, Cat Island Regatta, Back to Cat Island Festival, and community homecomings in North and South Cat Island.