On Grand Bahama Island, fine dining is all about service, location, ambience and of course presentation, and restaurants offer it up in grand style. Everything is accessible from the exotic to the commonplace: Lobster Thermidor or roasted conch; chicken souse or pan-fried grouper. Grab a cocktail and a companion and let your culinary journey begin. Casual-dining restaurants serve up the best in Bahamian breakfast cuisine. Scrumptious grits, stewed fish and johnnycake, or boiled fish are popular choices. Residents of Smith’s Point, Grand Bahama Island, lay claim to staging the first Fish Fry, as a fundraiser for their beloved St. Jude’s Anglican Church. Now, the unique dining and social spot is a staple hangout for locals, and it is an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with both the native fish and our residents. Annual festivals in the east showcase two important local staples: the Pelican Bay Coconut Festival in April and the McLean’s Town Conch Cracking Festival in October.