Seafood is a staple of Inagua's Bahamian cuisine, with Bahamian favorites like fresh conch salad, conch fritters, cracked/steamed/stewed conch, boiled/fried/stewed fish and steamed lobster (in season) widely available. You will also find other dishes, including a variety of souses with grits or fresh johnnycake for breakfast; plus fried chicken, salads, pizza, and hot and cold sandwiches on some restaurant menus. The Main House, Inagua’s premier place to stay, serves breakfast and lunch only, but with prior notice, you have several dinner options among the island’s popular eateries. On weeknights, the daiquiri stand at Kiwanis Park in downtown Matthew Town serves steak, fish, conch snacks, and fritters, in addition to their frozen drinks. The park becomes a "fish fry" on weekends with booths offering fried fish dinners, jerk pork and chicken, with peas and rice, and macaroni and cheese. At the Inagua Heritage & Salty Festival and the Seafood Fest, you can enjoy numerous seafood dishes and items only found here, like crab and whelk stew.