You will find traditional Bahamian cuisine at the few restaurants here, with seafood fresh from the ocean a specialty and some American and international dishes also available. The restaurant at Sumner Point Marina & Resort is known for its creative fine-dining experience, offering the catch-of-the-day as a nightly dinner. Lunch, dinner and takeaway snacks are available upon request in rustic island-style settings where you are likely to meet a number of locals whenever you visit. The variety of home-cooked Bahamian favorites include curry chicken and mutton, conch salad, cracked conch, fried fish, lobster in season, macaroni and cheese, peas soup and dumplings. You can also get fried chicken and chips, pizza and burgers. Desserts unique to Rum Cay range from sapodilla duff to green coconut with a sweet sauce. Rum Cay Day and Rum Cay Homecoming showcase the island’s indigenous cuisine, including a variety of dishes made from land crabs—baked crab, crab and rice, and crab soup.