Patrons enjoying Karaoke at The Hot Spot Restaurant and Karaoke Bar, Arthur's Town, Cat Island, The Bahamas.

The Islands Of The Bahamas’ indigenous Rake & Scrape music and "heel and toe polka" dance moves are common on Cat Island and locals here believe that theirs is the finest Rake & Scrape music in the country. The annual Cat Island Rake & Scrape Festival held each June showcases the sensuous, rhythmic vibe of the music, performed by local and national artists and also featuring quadrille dancing. Year-round, bars at the resorts and local hangouts often provide piped, jukebox, disco or live music for dancing, or to accompany a game of cards or pool with the locals. The legendary late, great Tony “The Obeah Man” McKay was born in Cat Island, plus other popular national recording artists like Kenyon “Ancient Man” McDonald, the Lassie Doe Boys and Phil Stubbs. While here, you can enjoy the sounds of Pompey Johnson, who plays Rake & Scrape with a concertina and other traditional instruments.