Whether you prefer dancing to the latest sounds, singing old tunes at karaoke, competing in a game with the locals, or just hanging out with some friends sipping a brew, you'll find the right place here for you. Some of the major hotels and resorts have get-togethers for guests during the winter season, usually featuring a live band. You can get serenaded by or shake a tail feather to music by The Originals, The Unstoppables, Nu Image, or Smacky & The Boys. Most of the local hangouts have live entertainment on national holidays and occasionally on weekends, with Rake & Scrape music the mainstay; others feature DJ or piped music. When you’re enjoying music at a bar or club, you’re likely to hear locals say, “Come knock the conch style,” or even, “Get down to smashing the roach,” like Long Islanders did back in the day. That describes their dance styles and you’ll seem like a native, if you can follow suit.