All Saints Anglican Church in Peets, Mangrove Cay, Andros

Andros is rich with cultural and historical landmarks that you can explore while sightseeing. Cultural Tours will take you to Seminole Indians in Red Bays where you can learn about their rich heritage of basket-weaving, woodcarving, sisal farming, sponging and logging. See remnants of native Indian villages, a colonial home from the 1860s, a sisal factory built in 1885, a schoolhouse built in the early 1900's that is now a church, churches from 1818 and 1920, the oldest on the island and still in operation, plus quaint towns with evocative names, and vintage Bahamian-style architecture from the 1930s. Historical Tours let you peek into Andros’ history on a guided tour. You can visit Morgan's Bluff/Henry Morgan's Cave, named for the 17th century pirate; a freshwater natural spring well that is said to have been used by pirates before the 17th century, and after that by sailing crewmen on the sponging vessels; a high rock wall constructed by slaves in the late 18th century; and a lighthouse built in 1892 with cannons from an old wreck. You’ll also want to experience 'crab-catching' for the commodity that is a staple of the economy; an outing can be arranged for you to see locals in action and you can also take part yourself.