Dunmore Street

The historical sites on this street are a testament to many of the individuals and families who were instrumental in the development of Harbour Island:Sir George W.K. Roberts Library/Museum , The site was dedicated in 1968, with the cornerstone laid by the late Sir Etienne Dupuch. Sir George was born in Dunmore Town 1904. He served on the Legislative Council, the Executive Council and House of Assembly. He was appointed the first President of The Senate in January 1964. The late Noel Roberts, M.P., LLB, was his son. He represented St. John's for more than ten years.Higgs Family Tomb , The Higgs family dates back a century in Harbour Island. The Higgs Tomb, now closed forever, was used for burying the dead. A stairway and shelves are inside. Caskets were placed on the shelves, but all wreaths were laid outside the tomb.Crown Land Grant , 1791 This land was granted to John Tedder by King George III.Dundas Monument , This monument is dedicated to Lady Dundas, wife of former Governor C.C. Dundas, who visited here in 1939.Roundhead 1939 , During the time of Cromwell, the military was made up of the round heads and the cavaliers. Around the mid 1600's a contingent of round heads was stationed here to protect this area from threats of invasion by the Spaniards. They fortified this area with cannons that were directed at the entrance to the Harbour. This land was granted to one Howland Spencer, a resident, in 1939. In the 1960's, a home was erected on the site.The Administrator's Residence , This historic building has accommodated commissioners (island administrators) from 1900 to the present day. Governor Dunmore also resided on this site from 1786 to 1797 in an English Manor. The building was once used for formal receptions of colonial Governors and other prominent events, and consideration is currently being given to making it a museum.Police Station , The Administrative Block was built in 1890, under the Police Act, and is more than a century old. The Police Barracks were built in the 1960's.

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