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Bahama Divers, under the guidance of a second-generation owner, is the oldest Dive Shop in Nassau. They also have a history of serving the rich and famous from the docks of the Nassau Yacht Haven. Visitors to their store will be treated to images of Nicolas Cage, Tiger Woods, and Kirk Douglas, as well as many others who have chosen to visit the beautiful waters of The Bahamas.

The company conducts trips for seasoned divers to several exciting sites, including the famous Lost Blue Holes and Tongue of the Ocean. They also offer a three-hour 'Learn to Dive' resort course.

Dive Sites

Gambier Reef - this reef is an intricate series of trenches and swim-through caverns that stretch over an area of thousands of square feet. You can certainly lose yourself while chasing the beautiful reef fish that flourish in this area. Thousands of silverside will show you how they dwell together and lead you into a mesmerizing dance with nature. Look closely under rocks and into holes to find some of the great ocean delicacies hiding in plain sight, the Caribbean Spiny Tail Lobster ang Groupers galore. To the diligent naturalist, you may have the joy of coming across some of the resident Nurse Sharks as well as viewing some of the dazzling Elkhorn Coral growths that catch your eye. Forests of Sea Fans cover your entire field of vision, giving Trumpet Fish an ideal playground. Gambier Reef is truly a remarkable find in a dive site.

Shipyard Wrecks - these beautiful, majestic freight boats are three of the best wrecks in the Caribbean, and on approach it will remind you of a boat graveyard. They rest in 85 feet of tropical water until you enter the domain of thousands of silversides, which are the favorite prey of the large game fish that inhabit the area. It is not uncommon to be greeted at this site by the resident schools of African Pompanos, as well as Schoolmasters and other game fish from the surrounding areas. The wrecks provide a living habitat for a complete underwater ecosystem waiting for you to explore. 

Lighthouse Wreck and Reef - this unique reef provides the perfect balance between natural and artificial coral reefs. It has a maximum depth of 35 feet and has become home to families of Spotted Eagle Rays as well as eels and Caribbean lobsters. For those who have experienced this dive site, once is definitely not enough! The balance among the shallow wreck, the artificial reef structure, and the natural coral growth is more than just a dive, it's an adventure.  

Miranda Wreck - sitting in 55 feet of water, this 90-foot wreck lies on her side in two sections. It is a good medium-depth wreck to give the diver ample time to explore and observe the rays and tropical fish that make their home on and around the Miranda.  

Angelfish Reef - as the name implies, numerous Grey, Queen, and French Angelfish inhabit this reef. The site is shallow and abundant for snorkelers and divers alike.  Pufferfish, Starfish, Yellow Sting Rays, and Conch are often found here as well.

Thunderball Reef - used during several James Bond films, it is one of the most filmed reefs in the world. An outstanding feature is the magnificent stand of Elkhorn and Staghorn corals. The full gamut of dazzling reef fish also abounds on this 25-foot deep reef. It starts in 8 feet of water but drops to 25 feet around its perimeter, so it is excellent for snorkelers as well as divers.

Cannonball Reef - this site, known for its fantastic snorkeling and shallow diving, has also been filmed during many movies. Schools of Yellowtail Snapper and Sergeant Majors are known to frequent the area. You can also find Stingrays, Lobsters, Groupers, and Squirrel Fish, as well as the occasional Barracuda.

The LCT Barge - this old WWII troop carrier sits upright in 20 feet of water. It is a wonderful site to spend time observing and photographing the marine life inhabiting the site and large schools of fish that frequent this site.


Range from $60 to $150.

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