The Driftwood Bar and Lounge at Riding Rock Inn is a favorite nighttime hangout for visitors. It is named for the pieces of driftwood autographed by visitors that decorate its ceiling and walls, a tradition started in the late 50s and early 60s. The expert bartenders there whip up a large variety of specialty drinks, which are one of its main attractions. You can watch sporting games, or the sun setting over the ocean from its open-air patio. There is also a Disco Night, with DJ music for dancing and a limbo contest. Other local hotspots around the island are the Almond Tree Bar, the Backyard Restaurant & Bar, and the Tavern Bar. Popular local entertainers include Johnson & the Boys Rake & Scrape Band, based at La Zone Sports Bar. Artists that hail from San Salvador, like Ira Storr (member of the Spank Band), have achieved national acclaim, but they haven’t forgotten their roots and usually return home to perform during the Discovery Day Festival Homecoming & Regatta.