Bahamian Ambassadors

Bahamians love meeting new people and making friends. When you join our complimentary People-To-People Experience, you’ll be paired with a Bahamian ambassador who will show you our culture and way of life.

Offering A Free Experience That Is Truly Priceless

Our free program lets you experience Bahamian culture and cuisine as well as learn more about our history and develop long-lasting friendships with one of our many Bahamian ambassadors.

To join, speak with the tour desk at your hotel, visit the nearest Bahamas Tourist Office or use our online registration forms below.

People-to-People was just the type of experience we were hoping for when we signed up for it. We got to meet real Bahamians, had great conversations, great food and can’t wait to go back.

Friends of the Bahamas for life,
Don and Debbie Fox

Become A Guest In Our People-To-People Experience

Let us know which island(s) you would like to visit and what your interests are. We will use this information to pair you with a Bahamian ambassador who will enhance your vacation experience by sharing our way of life with you.

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Become An Ambassador In Our People-To-People Experience

Join the Ministry of Tourism’s People-To-People Experience today to enhance our visitors’ experience by sharing our way of life with them.

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