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Our Signature Tour- Island Hopping

The Island-Hopping Tour provides patrons with an authentic Bahamian Experience through a metaphorical Island-Hopping adventure. Patrons are whizzed around New Providence on a 4-hour journey of 6-9 stops in our EAT mobile vehicle outfitted with all the bells and whistles. The cost for residents/locals is $89.00 and visitors $99.00. 

Eat Bahamas Tour Map

We begin at the iconic Parliament Square in Downtown, Bay Street and proceed to the Montague Fisherman's Wharf and Yellow the Conch Man for a Bahamian staple; conch salad and a local beverage. The following stop is Poop Deck East for fluffy conch fritters and then on to Mortimer's Candy Kitchen for a tour of the factory and a grab and go treat bag. The next stop is Bamboo Shack for a quintessential Bahamian meal; chicken-in-da-bag. We journey on to Tasty Teas for a refreshing iced tea, our “bush medicine”. Moving swiftly along we “feel the rush” at the cultural stop of the tour; EduCulture. Patrons will actively participate in our culture through the music festival Junkanoo! We wrap up the tour with “Sunday Dinner” at Drifters on da Cay and cleanse our palates at our last stop for native seasonal fruits from Flo's Fruit Stand.

For locals, our signature tour, Island Hopping, gives a nostalgic feeling. Some of our vendors include new places, and others are forgotten favorites. 

For tourists, simply put, it’s an adventure that allows you to see downtown Nassau all while experiencing delicious authentic Bahamian food, as you will eat where the locals eat. 

Cable Beach
Nassau New Providence
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Mrs. Andrica Smith-Munroe, Owner
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