The Beach Bar at Coral Harbour Beach Villas & Sand Bar

Our beach bar overlooks the beautiful calm waters of the island's southwest coast and offers stunning views at any time of day. There are beach chairs and hammocks just off the restaurant's back deck, where you can relax and enjoy the ambiance.

Special events held at the bar include a native show on Tuesdays, candlelight dinner on Thursdays, live jazz on Sundays, a pig roast on the last Sunday of each month, and coming soon will be our salsa night and rake 'n scrape night.

For couples having a romantic night out, we can provide a candlelight dinner with wine and piped Bahamian music. Though you might want to take advantage of one of our theme nights to make the occasion even more special.


Drinks: $5.40 - $10.00
Meals: $10.00 - $30.00

Ranfurly Drive
Contact Information:
Coral Harbour Beach House & Villas
(242) 362-2875
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