Caves 1 & 2

DEPTH: 60'-80' LEVEL: Intermediate 
CAVES1 N26 30-121 W78 36.929 CAVES2 N26 30.148 W78 36.908

Two very interesting sites, well worth the visit. Site is comprised of thick spur and groove coral formations, teeming with life. So many cracks, nooks, crannies and hiding places for fish that it is almost impossible to see everything! Both Moorings are set along a sloping drop-off. Starting at 60’ sloping to about 80-90’ at the bottom. In the deepest part of this site it is possible to see a sunken chamber. Groupers, Jacks, Remoras and sharks, from neighboring Shark alley, are frequent sightings. At both sides of this site, there are various swim-throughs to explore.

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