DJ GRIOT from 99 JAMZ documents the Junkanoo Summer Festival

By: The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

DJ GRIOT of South Florida’s home for hip hop, 99 JAMZ, was a special guest of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) at the Summer Junkanoo Festival for the weekend of July 18.

The Festival has been running each Friday and Saturday evenings in the month of July from 7:00 p.m. to midnight bringing the sights and sounds of Junkanoo to the pleasure of residents and visitors on Bay Street.

While he enjoyed the Festival, DJ GRIOT really was in The Bahamas to record audio and video of the A and B Junkanoo Groups as they made their way down Bay Street, but he also interviewed those involved in planning the month long event. 

The goal is to present the finished products to the American public in order to show them Junkanoo and other aspects of Bahamian culture.

“It will be on the radio station, it will be on the website, and it will be on YouTube.  I am trying to get as much footage as I can,” the DJ said.

In addition, DJ GRIOT, who is known for infusing Hip Hop music with the sounds of the Caribbean, entertained the crowd by performing as the DJ during breaks between Junkanoo groups.

The DJ said that he was also getting into other aspects of Bahamian culture.  “I got a chance to meet some of the local artists and really get an understanding of the difference between the music of Rake ‘N’ Scrape, Calypso and Socca.  It was a good educational time for me.”

He also enjoyed trying Bahamian dishes.  “I had boiled fish this morning with grits.  I am trying everything.  I had the crab and rice.

“I love conch salad; just to watch them prepare it and everything.  In the States you do not get that as everything is packaged.  Here they actually go in the water and catch the conch; they pick it out and cut it up and season it.”

There is only one weekend left to enjoy the Summer Junkanoo Festival which has been a success with both Bahamians and visitors from all around the world.  Many tourists expressed regret that they could sometimes only attend once as they were scheduled to leave the country.

However, this weekend promises to be the best as on Friday, July 25, there will be a “Tourism is Everybody’s Business” Scrap Rush out.

Charity Armbrister, Director, Events, MOT, said, “It is an opportunity for the community to celebrate our culture by binding together on Bay Street.”

Government Agencies, youth bands, community bands, civic organizations, sponsors and others have confirmed their participation. 

On the last day, Saturday, July 26, there will be a tourism float parade and the public is urged to be prepared for the best of the best in Bahamian talent to take Bay Street by storm for an explosive celebration of award presentations and Bahamian recording artists.

The festival is being sponsored by Cable Bahamas, Atlantis, the Royal Bank of Canada, John Bull and Abaco Markets.

Some Out Islands also participated in Junkanoo Summer Festival in July.

Those included San Salvador, Long Island, Andros, Bimini, Eleuthera, Abaco and Exuma.


Image Captions

A Junkanoo performer interacts with two of our visitors during the Festival. (Photo by Derek Smith)

DJ GRIOT of South Florida’s home for hip hop, 99 JAMZ (far left) documented the Summer Junkanoo Festival as it took place on Bay Street during the weekend of July 18.  (Photo by Derek Smith)