Rum Cay offers miles of soft, stunning pink and white sandy beaches that are virtually unexplored, and you are likely to have one all to yourself even within Port Nelson. Popular ones around the town are Sir Milo Butler Park Beach, named in honor of the first Bahamian Governor-General; Flamingo Beach on the west side, which has pink sand and one of the best caves on the island, with Indian writings; and Picnic Bay Beach, which is used by locals for picnics on public holidays and celebrating special occasions. Numerous outlying beaches, including Munroe Beach, Port Boyd Beach, Nancy Flat Beach, and Sandy Point Beach, are easily accessed by boat or while on an island tour. They are great for sunbathing or picnicking, and while beachcombing you can find treasures like colorful sea glass, old bottles, seashells, messages in a bottle, driftwood, glass balls and more.