If you are looking for adventure with your significant other, all of the activities you would expect are offered in Bimini, including sport fishing, water sports, tennis, and island tours. If you want to go into the deep, try scuba diving at places like Honeymoon Harbour and The Road to Atlantis, romantic enough just for their names. There are numerous opportunities to connect with nature and learn about the island’s wildlife while taking a boat tour along the coastline. And, sites like The Dolphin House and Bimini Museum have exhibits that help you learn about the island’s exciting history. If you want to mingle with the locals or like to people-watch, stop at any of the waterfront hangouts or take a stroll along King’s Highway in Alice Town and join in the fun at any of the bars lining the strip. You have several hotel options to choose from, in the heart of the action or away from town, ranging from moderate to deluxe.