A family riding the waves on a banana boat.

Bimini offers fun-filled family activities from dawn to dusk, limited only by the time you want to spend. On land, the Bimini Sands Kid's Club is a fun and educational way for young people of all ages to learn about the environment, be creative, and socialize with other kids. See how the unique “Bimini Bone Fisher” is constructed at Ansil's Boat House. Check out research done by the Bimini Biological Field Station and the Bimini Dolphin Communication Project. Visit unique cultural and historical sites like Heroes Park, the Dolphin House Museum, Bimini Museum, and The Fountain of Youth. Fun-filled activities on the water include swimming, picnicking, snorkeling at the beach or through coral gardens, kayaking on your own or taking a guided eco-tour through mangroves to observe Bimini's wildlife, or having up-close encounters with friendly, wild spotted dolphins in their own environment.