Andros Iguana

Andros is home to the largest native terrestrial vertebrate in The Islands of The Bahamas, an eye-catching iguana with unusual nesting habits. The Andros Iguana weighs more than 20 lbs., and has a length of more than 50 inches. It is the only iguana in the world that deposits its eggs in termite mounds, then sits there to guard the nest. Despite the mother's best efforts, though, many of the eggs are eaten by snakes and crabs; only one in 20 of the young iguanas survive.

NOTE: All iguanas are protected in The Bahamas and it is illegal to hunt or capture them. In addition, visitors who encounter iguanas should not feed them, as it could harm their sensitive digestive systems.

Contact Information:
Andros Tourist Office
(242) 368-2286
(242) 368-2891
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