A photo of the ancient tombs in Rolle Town

The quiet little village of Rolle Town is one of the five Lord John Rolle Commonage Estates on Exuma. The Commonage Estates are lands that have been passed down to the slaves and cannot be sold. The town's residents are all descendants of Rolle's former slaves, and grow fruits and vegetables just as their ancestors have done since the 1800's. Relatives of U.S. actress, the late Ester Rolle live here.

There are three tombs there in the middle of a secluded clearing, which date back to Loyalist times. The only inscription is found on the largest one, resembling an elaborate double bed made of stone with headboard and footboard. It reads, "Within this tomb interred the body of Ann McKay, wife of Alexander McKay who departed this life on the 8th November 1792. Age twenty-six years and their infant child." Mr. McKay reportedly came to Great Exuma from Scotland in 1789 to set up a plantation after receiving a land grant.

A small sign points the way to the Rolle family plot.

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