Rand Nature Center, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

The Rand Nature Center comprises 100 acres of natural beauty in the heart of Freeport. A 2,000-foot trail winds through natural coppice and pine forest. A birder's paradise, the center houses a variety of bird species that can be seen year round. Peak bird-watching season is from October to May, when winter residents and migratory birds arrive.

You can take self-guided walks through the nature preserve, view rotating visual art, cultural and educational exhibits, the Glory Banks Gallery, and learn about the variety of historical Bahamian plants and trees. Some of them that early inhabitants used in their daily lives include the Uniola, a springy grass that was stuffing for mattresses; the sharp-pointed agave leaves that served as needles and thread; and love vine, a powerful aphrodisiac.

Off Grand Bahama Highway
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