Strawtacular Designs by Ro-Ve prides itself on producing quality products made with authentic Bahamian raw materials such as Palm Top Plait, Coconut Shell & Leather, Sea Shells, Seeds, Branches and Nuts from the local trees. Product line include items such as Hand Bags. Portfolios, Passport Holders, Place Mats, Lamp Shade Covers, Throw Pillows, Floral Arrangements, Indoor Slippers, Key Chains, Jewelry and Hair Accessories. The percentage of authentic Bahamian raw material used is based on the desired finished productl, and most of the products are 80% - 95% made from raw materials sourced locally. The 5% - 20% non Bahamian raw material consist of items such as the handles, closures, thread, webbing. clear plastic and the cardboard base. These items are used to enhance, strengthen and protect the creations. Additionally, items with 79% or less Bahamian raw materials, such as Hand Bags combined with Leather, Crocus Linen, and Canvas fabrics are are used when the design requires a softer/flexible base and to showcase refined Bahamian craftwork in the High End Fashion Market. The Jewlery Collection is being expanded and Outdoor Slippers/Shoes are coming onstream.



#1 Kiosk at Churchill Square, Downtown
Contact Information:
Mrs. Roganna Wilchcombe
(242) 443-4153
(242) 559-0998
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