Travel Tips: Packing for your Destination Wedding

Couple on Beach in Exuma

Your big weekend is only a few days away and the excitement is building; now it’s time to pack! But wait, how many shoes will you need? Can you pack your sparklers? And how do you even pack a wedding dress? You don’t have to dread this part of the journey with these handy destination wedding packing tips.

Tip 1 - Make It As Easy As Possible
If any place gives you the option to check-in online, do it! Airline, hotel, lounge - take this option. You never realize how checking in online makes everything easy until you’ve actually done it. Bahamasair offers self-check-in at its international check-in at Miami International Airport that shaves time off your transfer to a Family Island.

Check and then double check airport regulations to ensure the special items you’re carrying for your wedding are allowed. Items like sparklers, for example,are considered explosives and will not be allowed on a plane. Fresh flowers are now allowed due to customs regulations.

Tip 2- Be Prepared for Anything
This is a neat tip I picked up packing for my own destination wedding. When packing for your destination wedding, pack half your items in each other’s suitcase - just in case one gets lost. This way both of you will have something to wear while you wait for your luggage.

Label your luggage with two tags - one with your home address and the other with your hotel/resort address at your destination.

Tip 3- Your Carry-on Is Your Best Friend
Bring DIY or small wedding items in a carry-on. Even if your suitcase gets lost, your ETSY bouquet and special order cufflinks will be safe! Make sure your carry-on is regulation size to avoid having to check it because it doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment.

Tip 4- Pack Smart
For your very first day/evening at your destination, pack your bathing suit, a dinner outfit and sleepwear at the top of your suitcase. You’ll be able to have a full fun day and night as soon as you check-in without having to unpack your entire bag or wasting those valuable hours of island sun!

Instead of packing for the number of days you’ll be on the islands (a surefire way to overpack), pack for the events. How many dinners out are you planning? Are you having a welcome party for your guests? Are you just beach lounging after the big day (2-3 bathing suits should cover those)? How many island excursions are you going on? Will you need more than one pair of dressy shoes besides your wedding shoes? Packing this way helps you note how many items can be re-worn for different things, helping to lessen your packing list.

Couple on Beach in Exuma

Tip 5- Packing Your Dress/Suit
Dear Brides, invest in a quality bag, like a Wally Bag, that will have room for your wedding dress, veil and groom’s suit. If your dress shop/designer offers, let them pre-pack your dress in it for you. Before packing your wedding dress, turn it inside out. In the event that airport security insists on opening your garment bag, they won’t actually touch the outside of your dress that will show.

The first thing any destination bride should do when she gets to her suite is hang up her wedding gown. Most creases and folds will come out due to the weight of the dress and the niftiness of gravity. Call ahead to your destination resort or to your local planner and ask about dress steaming options so that you’re prepared in case there is an extra charge.

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