The Cricket Club Restaurant & Pub

The Cricket Club

As The Bahamas, namely New Providence, has evolved, so much has changed. We have become so modernized that there is very little reason now to leave the island beyond adventure, new experiences, Chipotle, etc. But as we have evolved, I’d like to think that some things, the things we cherish the most, stay the same. There’s a romance within nostalgia and no place brings back a more “amongst friends” feeling than The Cricket Club located on New Providence literally a stone’s throw away from “The Fish Fry” on Arawak Cay.

Sitting atop an actual cricket field, The Cricket Club, is owned by the lovely couple Connie and Chris Robertson. Connie, who is Bahamian and Chris, who is British, were married years ago. The story of their love and family is displayed all over the restaurant through pictures and tales told by the couple themselves. The ambiance in the restaurant is warm, cozy and welcoming. No one loves a good drink more than I do and I can say their bar has probably one of the most diverse selections on this island. Ranging from local favorites such as Kalik and Sands beer to Caribbean favorites like Red Stripe and even British beers, wines and spirits.

Speaking of the British influence, I would be remiss not to mention that, if you’re a Brit, there’s no better English breakfast on the island, featuring such favorites as bangers and mash, fried tomatoes, baked beans and the list goes on. Chris brought all of his favorite things from Britain and made them Bahamian staples and a must have if you ever visit. And if you want a Taste of The Bahamas, look no further, as they also cater to that Bahamian food craving. Conch fritters, peas n’ rice, our special baked macaroni…. the options are almost as endless as their portion sizes. In the famous words of “Friends” character Joey, “You’ll need to wear your stretchy pants”.

They truly give you bang for your buck. And not to worry, if there’s a picky eater among you they also feature American favorites like cheeseburgers, hot dogs and of course the universal favorite chicken wings. (Cause let’s be honest…. we all love chicken wings).

While you sit and enjoy your meal over a few drinks, please do so on the balcony. With a fantastic view of the Fish Fry and the ocean, there is no better seat in the house! Too hot outside? Then enjoy the cool AC in the main restaurant featuring 6 flat screen TVs showing all the latest sports available, especially soccer, as you know…. Chris is still a British kid at heart.

Come for the food and stay for the family atmosphere. The wait staff is friendly, and Connie and Chris are quick to make you feel at home. We may be evolving as a country but places like the Cricket Club are rare gems that remind us that as much as things change, there’s no place like home and there’s no better bar & restaurant on this island that does it quite as well as they do.