If you are a nature lover, you'll want to explore Black Wood Point, at the northeastern tip of upper Pirate’s Well. It is one of the natural habitats for flamingos, National Bird of The Bahamas, and a variety of other bird species. It is also a breeding ground for conch and most of the indigenous fish. An escorted boating tour is the best way to see them, because of the sharp rocks along the shoreline. Numerous birds also roost in the buttonwood trees and native shrubs at Curtis Creek near North Beach, and on the nature trails at Northwest Point. Nesting sea turtles can be found throughout the undeveloped eastern part of the island. The critically endangered Bahama Rock Iguana, wild goats, and Brown booby birds inhabit Booby Cay and Booby Rocks, which have both been designated 'Important Bird Areas', supporting a range of other seabirds such as the White-tailed Tropicbird, Brown Pelicans, Masked Booby, Royal Terns, White-crowned Pigeons, shorebirds, ducks, herons, and egrets.