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With just one look at the geography of Columbus Isle in The Bahamas, and it's no wonder this place is wall diving central. With chains of islands perched atop a shallow banks, separated by a trench like channels and depths close to 6000 feet with 50 to 150 feet of visibility. This is the meeting place of huge sponges, healthy corals, seahorses, and dense concentrations of life.

The staff at Seafari Diving are ready and willing to help you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, this is the company you want to learn with! Seafari maintains strong relationship with many partners. Whether they are Nonprofit Organisations, environmental preservation associations or diving specialised insurance companies, they all contribute in their own field, improving your dive experience.


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Discover the beauty of the San Salvador diving team.  Experience a day out on the boat with Seafari!

Bonefish Bay
Cockburn Town
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