Juicy island salad

Adderley Boys Seafood is a small conch booth located in Burnt Ground, Long Island. The menu consists of fresh conch, whelk, and curb salads, grilled fish, grilled conch, and fritters. It has a friendly atmosphere and is one of the best places to try mouth-watering seafood salads.

  • Conch Fritters $6.00
  • Scorch Conch $10.00
  • Crawfish Salad-$15.00
  • Tropical Salad-$15.00
  • Grilled Conch-$15.00
  • Grilled Fish-$15.00
  • Boil Conch Bobby-$15.00
  • Curb Salad-$18.00
  • Whelk Salad-$18.00
  • Conch, whelk, & curb salad $20.00
Queen's Highway
Burnt Ground
Contact Information:
Mr. Renaldo Adderley
(242) 468-9463
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