The Fast Grand Slam Challenge is waiting for you when you take to the courts at the Grand Lucayan Resort. No other place in the world offers the tennis enthusiast a chance to experience playing on all four different playing surfaces of the grand slam events in one day, in one location, just like the pros play around the world: the hard court featuring Decoturf, the same surface used at the US Open; the Rebound Ace court, which is just like the playing surface in Melbourne; the impeccably manicured English grass court of Wimbledon fame; and the French red brick clay court imported from Paris.Located next to the Manor House at the Grand Lucayan Resort, the four tennis courts will be the home for celebrity and pro players during various times of the year. Ace Tennis also offers tennis lessons, tennis clinics, annual membership, and tennis tournaments, as well as exciting events planned throughout the year!


Court Rental Fees:* Decoturf Hard court - $25.00 per hour rental* Rebound Ace - $35.00 per hour rental* Grass - $100.00 per hour rental* French Red Clay - $50.00 per hour rental


Grand Lucayan Resort

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(242) 373-1333 [Ask for Tennis], (866) 870 7148
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