The Healing Hole in Bimini

Bimini consists of a small cluster of islands with an abundance of marine diversity, including sharks, which are protected under Bahamian Law. The marine habitats found here include semi-enclosed shallow flats bordered by mangroves, harbor channels, and coral reefs. You will want to visit the Bimini Biological Field Station, a shark lab/research station that studies the role of the lemon shark, and learn about wild dolphins through the Bimini Dolphin Communication Project and interact with them in the wild. Naturally occurring phenomena not found anywhere else in The Bahamas include: the fabled Fountain of Youth that drew Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon here; the Healing Hole fresh-water springs that gurgle from a saltwater swamp at Bonefish Creek; the Shark Mound (500 feet long and 10 feet high) and several other creature-shaped mounds that were naturally formed from the sand. Plus, the Bimini Boa is only found here.