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The Bahamas Flying Ambassadors

The Bahamas Flying Ambassadors are a group of seasoned private pilots with extensive experience flying to and around The Islands Of The Bahamas. With the goal of introducing new pilots to this unique thrill, the ambassadors make themselves available to share their knowledge of The Bahamas, and the ease of flying across the Gulf Stream.

Interested in becoming a Bahamas Flying Ambassador? Apply here.

Meet the pilots

Jim Parker
Eike Knall
Capt. Valerie Talbot and Eric Larson
Mr. Craig Peyton
Mr. Scott Cameron
Mr. Anthony
Mr. Guillaume Fabry
Mr. Brad Elliott
Ms. Terry L. Carbonell
Mr. Rick Gardner
Mr. Thierry Pouille
Mr. Steveo Kinevo
Mr. Mark Steinberg
Mr. Neil Glazer
Brandon Gardner