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Ecotourismin The Bahamas

The Bahamas has long been one of the most eco-friendly destinations in the world—a protector of both the archipelago’s pristine beauty and its endangered species, including the Bahamian Rock Iguana and the West Indian flamingo, the national bird. The critically important work of preserving these natural environments is done by The Bahamas National Trust, an organisation noted for its vast wetland conservation efforts on Andros, New Providence, Exuma, Freeport, and Inagua, home to the largest remaining breeding colony of West Indian flamingos.

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Ecotourism Highlights

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Blue Holes

The Bahamas is blessed with a record number of blue holes, both inland and ocean blue holes. Jump in, swim around or dive into these geological wonders for an out-of-this-world experience.



Intricate cave systems have developed in The Bahamas for centuries, a product of the country's limestone foundation and the elements that have shaped it. On land, discover ancient petroglyphs from the Lucayan-Arawak people. Underwater, advanced divers explore winding cave systems. 

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Nature Walks

The Bahamas’ vast open spaces beckon nature lovers in search of solitude and stunning sights. Highlights include the five-mile Heritage Trail in Freeport and the hiking trails in Andros’ Blue Holes National Park.


Andros and Inagua are must-visits for avid bird watchers. Expert guides with decades of experience take you to the best birdwatching areas on half and full-day tours.

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Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore The Bahamas’ hidden coves, colourful coral reefs, and peaceful mangrove creeks. Go solo or take a guided tour lasting a few hours or several days.

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Out Islands Geotourism

Discover the natural wonders of the Out Islands, the lesser populated islands of The Bahamas. Explore our interactive Geotourism site, created in collaboration with National Geographic.

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Our National Parks

A treasure trove of biodiversity, the Bahamas National Trust Parks are areas of pure aesthetic beauty and play a crucial part in the conservation of The Bahamas’ natural ecosystems.

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The Abacos Abaco National Park

Spanning 20,500 acres in South Abaco, the Abaco National Park was created to protect the Bahama Parrot and its breeding grounds. Today, with the help of the Bahamas National Trust and conservationists, the park welcomes thousands of Bahamas parrots every spring for the breeding season.

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Andros Andros North & South Marine Parks

Andros is home to the third-largest barrier reef in the world, the Andros Barrier Reef, measuring over 124 miles long. In an effort to conserve the 8,500 acres of healthiest parts of the reef, these two national parks were created. In turn, a variety of marine life species are protected as well, and there are dive and snorkel spots throughout the parks for people who wish to get a closer look at these flourishing underwater environments.

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The Abacos Black Sound Cay National Park

Located near Green Turtle Cay, this park is an important habitat for many migratory birds, including Painted buntings, Indigo buntings, American redstarts, and others. Mangrove Wetlands, which are important land builders and nursery grounds for many fish, are protected in this area.

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Andros Blue Holes National Park

Andros, the largest of the Bahamian islands, is home to the highest concentration of blue holes in the world. In an effort to protect these natural wonders, this 40,000 acre national park was formed, creating a safe haven for 22 blue holes and the surrounding pine forests. The park includes nature trails, a gazebo for relaxing, and the famous Captain Bill’s Blue Hole, a popular blue hole to dive into for those feeling adventurous enough.

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Nassau Bonefish Pond National Park

Bonefish pond, which protects over 1,200 acres of important coastal wetlands, serves as the last remaining tidal mangrove ecosystem on the shores of Southern New Providence. Referred to as an “outdoor classroom” this park is ideal for educational ventures.

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Rum Cay Conception Island National Park

Conception Island, revered as one of the most beautiful Bahamian islands, has been uninhabited by humans for over 100 years. This park is a protected area, home to pink sand beaches, sandstone cliffs, mangroves and an abundance of marine and land wildlife.

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Andros Crab Replenishment Reserve

In order to meet the demands of heavy harvesting by Bahamians, the Crab Replenishment Reserve was created. This 4,000 acre reserve is home to both inland and coastal crabs, and crabs like the White and Black Land Crab, which have been a food staple for Bahamians for decades.

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The Exumas Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park

The Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean’s first marine reserve. This stretch of over 112,000 acres protects magnificence of coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses, and tons of wildlife including birds, fish, turtles and iguanas. While you’re here, stroll along pristine beaches, traverse several hiking trails, and observe one of the world’s most stunning ecosystems.

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The Abacos Fowl Cays National Park

Fowl Cays National Park is smaller in size, but still full of life. The park was introduced as a way to protect the seabed of the surrounding cays. Here you’ll find coral reef, seagrass beds, rocky shore and other valuable habitats.

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San Salvador Graham's Harbour Iguana & Seabird National Park

This park devotes itself to protecting several species of seabirds and San Salvador’s rock iguanas, one of the rarest lizards on Earth. The park also protects extensive seagrass beds and reef systems that are important for fisheries.

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Ecotourism Stories

Exuma Land And Sea Park

Protected for more than 60 years, the Land & Sea Park is the true jewel of The Exumas. Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and thriving mangroves remain unspoiled, just as nature intended.

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