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Divingin The Bahamas

The world’s third largest barrier reef, countless blue holes, thriving coral reefs, and near-forgotten shipwrecks offer endless thrills for experienced and first-time divers. With visibility of up to 200 ft and warm waters through most of the year, The Bahamas stands without much competition as a leading dive destination. 

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Top Reasonsto Dive in The Bahamas

#1 for Big Animal Encounters

2021 Scuba Diving Readers' Choice Awards

Diverse Dive Sites

Shipwrecks, walls, caves, blue holes, and that’s just the beginning

World's 3rd Largest Barrier Reef

190 miles of the pristine Andros Barrier Reef

Exceptional Visibility

On average, expect visibility up to 150 to 200 feet

Types of Diving

  • Shark Diving
  • Reefs
  • Walls
  • Blue Holes
  • Caves
  • Shipwrecks

Shark Diving

Some of the most intimate and up-close shark diving in the world can be found in The Bahamas. From tiger shark dives in Freeport, silky sharks in Nassau, or hammerheads in Bimini, come face-to-face with these impressive predators.


  • Tiger Beach, Freeport
  • Shark Buoy, Nassau
  • Shark Rodeo, The Abacos
  • The Oceanic Whitetips, Cat Island


The Bahamas boasts some of the healthiest coral and most impressive reef dives in the region. From the Andros Barrier Reef–the third largest in the world–to uniquely well-preserved areas thanks to the Bahamas National Trust.


  • Victory Reef, Bimini
  • Devil’s Backbone, Eleuthera
  • Amberjack Reef, The Exumas
  • Vicky’s Reef, San Salvador


Between the Tongue of The Ocean—a 60,000 ft canyon that runs between Andros and Nassau—and the dramatic walls surrounding some of the more remote islands, The Bahamas’ wall dives are of the bucket list sort.


  • Andros Wall, Andros
  • Conception Island Wall, Long Island
  • Bimini Wall, Bimini
  • Hole in the Wall, San Salvador

Blue Holes

The Bahamas is unique in the sheer amount and diversity of blue holes it boasts—not to mention, the second deepest blue hole in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole.


  • Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island
  • The Crater, Andros
  • The Lost Blue, Nassau


Thousands of years have carved vast underground cave systems, caverns and tunnels in the islands and cays of The Bahamas. There’s a unique thrill in exploring the ever-growing list of cave dives.


  • Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park, The Abacos
  • Coral Caverns, The Abacos
  • Ben's Cave, Freeport 


A good wreck is a great dive, and The Bahamas offers natural and artificial shipwrecks for divers of all levels. Shallow wrecks, exposed to lots of sunlight, boast abundant fish life while deep wrecks, visible from a distance in exceptionally clear waters, are a truly unique experience.


  • HMS Conqueror, Rum Cay
  • James Bond Wrecks, Nassau
  • Comberbach, Long Island
  • S.S. Sapona, Bimini
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A leading dive destination, The Bahamas boasts some of the first and most experienced dive resorts in the world.

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