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The Joy of Junkanoo

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Junkanoo's standing as one of the Caribbean's most celebrated and spirited carnivals is undisputed.

From colourful costumes to exuberant dance routines, participants spend months preparing for the pageantry of this street parade accompanied by the steady beat of whistles, cowbells, horns, and goatskin drums that starts in the wee hours after midnight. Catch this celebration of Bahamian culture and history on Boxing Day—aka the day after Christmas—as well as on New Year's Day and many Saturdays throughout the summer. The largest Junkanoo celebration takes place on Bay Street, in downtown Nassau, but Bahamians across the 16 islands celebrate this joyful tradition.

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Fly Away with a Junkanoo Beat

True to his Bahamian roots, Lenny Kravitz loves everything Junkanoo. Watch the cast of local musicians who helped him bring his hit song Fly Away full-circle.

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Junkanoo, A Celebration

Feel the tempo of a joyous Bahamian celebration. Months of preparation–the making of costumes, the late-night practices–culminate in a night of music, dance, and a little healthy competition.

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Junkanoo Summer Festival Every Saturday | July 20–August 10
Arawak Cay, Nassau

Move to the tempo of cowbells clamouring and drums thumping at this year's Junkanoo Summer Festival. Jump into the premier celebration of Bahamian culture as performers display colourful costumes in all of their extravagant glory. Enjoy culinary shows, mixology, a diverse kiddie corner, and more.

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