Fish Bimini

The Gulf Stream rushes north, washing past Bimini, feeding and warming its coral reefs and serving as a watery highway for everything from marlins to mantas, dolphins to sea turtles. Bimini's location on the edge of the Gulf Stream has helped earn its title as “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” Even the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, was lured to Bimini by tales of the incredible fishing available here. More than 50 record-setting catches have been made in its waters in their seasons, including huge tuna, wahoo and swordfish. The flats have an abundance of bonefish and permit; wrecks close to shore hold large grouper, fan-size grunts and schools of snapper. You can charter a boat with crew for a scenic daylong outing for whatever kind of fishing you prefer. Several fishing tournaments are held annually.