Bimini is the true “Island in the Stream,” perched at the edge of a sheer underwater cliff that falls thousands of feet into the blue abyss. There is an array of experiences for both novice and advanced divers, with the best dive sites in the south. The Bimini Road (Bimini Wall) plummets a heart-thumping 4,000 feet beneath the sea. Its perfectly cut underwater steps are believed to be remnants of the road to long-lost Atlantis. Wrecks include several sunken Spanish galleons, a WWI freighter wreck, and the battered concrete hull of The Sapona. Mysterious inland blue holes sink into the limestone; in sea caverns like Little Cavern's Reef, popcorn-shaped coral heads line the sandy bottom. You can also explore magnificent reefs ranging from 18-80 feet, teeming with every kind of marine life. And, you also have dolphins in the wild, loggerhead turtles and shark sightings to stimulate you under the water.