As you traverse the nature trail, you will not only be immersed in native vegetation, but also various species of birds native and migratory that reside in the larger indigenous hardwood trees. Leatherback Ferns in Fern GullyOther residents include lizards, such as the curly-tail lizard that has become synonymous with the island. Butterflies will flutter above your head and the cacophony of other insect sounds provides a chorus of its own. As you step down into the Fern Gully, a large fertile 'sink-hole', you will see a rare species of ferns, referred to as leather-back, among other more common varieties.

One of the Freshwater Caves in Fern GullyYou will then arrive at the caves, representative of the unique caverns found on Grand Bahama Island. They are a glimpse into the mystical geology of The Islands of The Bahamas, formed from fossilized reefs, with many underground caverns, some accessible for diving, with the resulting land comprised of cavernous limestone. The Josey Cave was used by residents in the Holmes Rock community as shelter to escape from hurricanes in the early years. Unique in its own right, the cave sits behind a local nightclub. It is over 200 yards in diameter and produces fresh water at low tide and salt water at high tide.

Tree with Label along the Nature TrailThe nature trails leading to and from the cave are fertile with native vegetation which produces a variety of herbal cures referred to as 'bush medicine,' in addition to flowering plants, wild berries and plums that have been historically popular with the native residents in the area. They include custard apples, sea grape, pigeon plums and coco plums. Most of the trees have identifying labels; some also indicate possible medicinal uses.

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