Bay Street

This is Harbour Island's main street and a number of historical sites are located here, reflecting the past governance of the island:Dunmore Cottage , Where this commanding red and white Victorian residence now sits was the location of the summer home of Lord Dunmore, former Governor of The Bahamas and founder of Dunmore Town.Plaque of the Early Parliamentarians , This is a memorial to the first four members of the House of Assembly, who were elected and first sat on September 29, 1729. Those men served in a House of 24 members and represented the Harbour Island District (St. Johns). Today, the district is represented in the House by one person.The Shipyard , This location was renowned for shipbuilding and the Marie J. Thompson, a four-masted schooner, was built here in 1922. She sailed to Key West, New York and The Carolinas in record time, transporting coconuts, sugarcane and pineapples grown in the area.The Sugar Mill , On this site was a sugar mill used to extract sugarcane juice for making sugar. The building is more than one hundred and fifty years old. The Ministry of Tourism's Office was once located upstairs.The Harbour Lounge. The building once housed ,The Briland Shop' of 1950, a local grocery store managed by Penny Johnson.The Fig Tree Park , Famous as a meeting place for all the seamen and farmers, where they met to discuss island life. In August 1992, Hurricane Andrew destroyed the popular tree, which had stood for more than 75 years.Old Jail House , There is a natural cave near the sea just off Bay Street, where an old jail was erected in the late 1700's. It is opposite the Rock House, on the property of the Blue Ruin.The Old Fort ,



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