A young couple from the Midwest decided to quit their jobs, buy a boat, and sail The Bahamas earlier this year. This isn't my idea for a television show, it actually happened. The couple, Ben and Quin, started a blog to document their voyage. S/V Wanderlust highlights everything The Bahamas has to offer those who wish to sail the islands. 

"When we'd heard about the Berry Islands from other cruisers, we were promised untouched beaches, historic abandoned settlements, and lush wildlife," Quin wrote back in January. "We arrived at Bird Cay on Christmas Eve, and it did not disappoint!"

Ruca at Berry Islands

The couple details how they came to choose sailing, how easy it is to enter our borders (clearing customs and immigration) and how beautiful each island is.  "In March of 2016, we'd spent three months cruising around the amazing country of The Bahamas and the S/V Wanderlust crew was totally in LOVE with this tropical paradise," Quin wrote.  "We'd left the U.S. in early December and spent our Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's day enjoying the secluded white sand beaches, crystal clear water, happy people, and all the seafood we could eat. We'd truly enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in The Bahamas as our first real cruising experience on Wanderlust."

S/V Wanderlust

Quin documented the busted engine parts, the days of no wind, and the occasional stormy weather.  However, she noted that as her first experience sailing in The Bahamas, it was unlike anything she'd expected. The couple made friends in Exuma, Long Island, New Providence, and Mayaguana. They met fellow travelers, noting that many of the other sailing couples were much older than they were.  They discovered untouched beaches only accessible by boat. "We overheard some fellow cruisers on the VHF talking about Shroud Cay, just one island hop over from our anchorage at Norman's Cay," Quin wrote. "The guy said to the other on the VHF, 'It is the most beautiful place in the world. You have to make the stop at the nature reserve. You have to take a dinghy through a mangrove creek, then around the edge to the most gorgeous beach. Definitely worth the time to check it out.'"

The couple left The Bahamas but still blog about how beautiful and protected our waters are, and of our friendly people.