There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning to awaken your senses. Sometimes the aroma is more effective than an alarm clock.

Even non coffee drinkers can appreciate the orgasmic smell. But I just happen to love coffee,

So imagine my glee when my massage therapist began scrubbing my body with a coco scrub.  

The aroma of coffee wafted throughout the dimly lit room.

Pamper Yourself at Goombay Smash

My body scrub lasted approximately 30 minutes. The entire time I could almost taste the coffee. My senses felt alive.

The body scrub was the first of several services included in the Goombay Smash package that I booked at Windemere Spa.

This package is named after a Bahamian cocktail, which is a sweet drink with a little bit of everything in it. Aside from the body scrub, my package included an aromatherapy massage, facial, pedicure and manicure, a wash and curl and a healthy lunch. I was in for a pampering marathon!

Next up was the massage.

Relaxing Environments at Goombay Smash

The masseuse's hands were firm and silky at the same time. I listened to the sounds of waves as my body ebbed under the pressure of her hands.

About 45 minutes later it was time for my facial.

Tamara applied a coco mask. It smelled delicious so I flicked my tongue out and tasted it. That was a mistake. It left a bitter taste on my tongue but my face loved it. It was cool going on. I felt refreshed.

As the steam warmed my face and neck, Tamara massaged my arms.

Soon it was time for extractions.  As women understand, beauty is pain so I endured the moderate discomfort.  My facial ended with a mask and moisturizer.

Tamara then whisked me to the nail salon section for my manicure and pedicure. Debreca took over from there.  I chose a sea green color and sat down. I decided to get the shellac manicure. It's quick and the polish dries quickly.

Pamper Yourself at Goombay Smash

The pedicure was my favorite service. I sunk my feet into warm bubbling water and closed my eyes.  

After a foot scrub, Debreca slathered peppermint gel and an aloe vera mask on the soles of my feet, wrapped them in plastic and put warming booties on my feet. I ate a chicken salad and drank cinnamon infused water while the the boots warmed my now tingling feet.

Forty minutes later, my green toes led the way to the hair salon.

There I met Kiya.

She washed my hair then put the most delicious mint treatment on my scalp. It had an immediate cooling effect.

After a blow dry and a curl, my pampering session was complete.

I felt like a new woman.