Situated comfortably on the Cable Beach strip, Skin Solutions offers the answers to your aching necks, clogged pores and sore feet.

I discovered Skin Solutions a couple years ago when I went for a manicure but stayed for a whole spa package and from that day it has always been near and dear to my heart.

One day, in particular, I had wandered in for service expecting the usual service and no surprises instead I got services fit for a queen.

It all started out with a familiar yet friendly conversation with the owner, Natilia Saunders who eventually directed me to sit in the waiting room to wait for my services.

While waiting, I realised I had never fully appreciated the décor of the spa. The light in the room was dim helpful in preparing me for a day of relaxation, candles were lit, paintings and decorative items were tastefully placed around the room.

I needed to take it in, I needed to experience what I neglected daily, so I breathed in and waited patiently for Kristen, the skin care specialist to come and get me.

After Kristen found me, she instructed me to take off my clothes and leave nothing on except my underwear and get comfy under the sheet on the table. After doing this, she came back and explained to me what she was going to do – which was basically unclog my pores.

To be honest – I hate facials. They always make me cry but if I did them more often, I wouldn’t be so afraid.

As the hour passed, I asked Kristen about her craft and found out that she got a thrill from exfoliating faces. Clearing faces to her were what sleeping is to me.

After my time with Kristen was done, I thanked her and asked her for recommendations of products that would allow me to take better care of my face and moved on to my massage.

Up next was my physical unwind (massage) with Richard who released and gently massaged all the knots obtained from a long week at work. I was dreading the massage to my lower back, as it is always painful to touch, but he found a way to do so without causing me pain so I found myself falling in love with his hands.

I should note that I fall asleep mostly anywhere and during my massage was no different. That means that Richard did an amazing job.

Topping off my day at the spa was a pedicure handled by Natasha.What I love about manicures and pedicures at Skin Solutions is they always start off with a delicious smelling foot scrub. The flavour was butterscotch and the only thing stopping me from trying it was, I knew it wasn’t edible.

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Although Natasha was new to me, we quickly got into a conversation and I learned that if anything she was patient. As when she was entering my feet into the machine to dry, I just had to wiggle my toe. Sometimes, I do weird things. Either way, she was patient sternly warning me the last time to keep my foot still.

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A day at Skin Solutions is what the body is sometimes begging for. Whether it’s for a manicure or a chocolate scrub massage, your body will love you,your nose will love you and you will thank yourself for the much needed me time.