Baha Retreat

Situated in a powder blue and white two-story wooden structure, Baha Retreat looks like traditional Bahamian home and is just as welcoming. As I entered, a spa attendant greeted me and offered me a drink before she guided me to the massage room.

I booked the “unwind” package, which includes a body polish, a classic facial and a massage.

My session began with the body polish. It was only my second time getting one. My first experience was really nice, so I was excited for round two.

As I lay beneath a white cool sheet, my eyes drifted closed. I let my head sink into the cushion and I listened to the soft music playing.  The door opened and closed and soon after I felt heat running down my left leg before I felt the coarse texture of the lemongrass sea salt. Ashley, the masseuse, soon moved to my left leg. I later learned that the heat emanated from a cloth that was dipped in warm water.  When Ashley was done with my lower half she covered my legs with the sheet. Then she pulled the sheet away from my back. The cool air hit me. It felt like I had just stepped out of a Jacuzzi. But I knew the warmth from the towel would envelope me soon. The hairs on my back stood up in anticipation; then I felt the welcoming heat.

After Ashley polished my entire body, I hopped in the shower to rinse the beads.

Bahamas Blog Baha Retreat

Five minutes later I was back on the table. The music changed slightly. It reminded me of a soundtrack from Lord of the Rings, Concerning Hobbits.  Ashley used Eminence massage oil as she kneaded my weary muscles.  Throughout the massage she asked me to inhale and exhale. When I flipped on my back she covered my eyes with something warm and I honed in on the sensations.  By the time she got to my hands, I actually felt as if she was pulling the stress from my body.

Before long it was time for my facial.

Bahamas Blog Baha Retreat

Ashley started by cleansing my face and chest. When it was time to take off the cleansing ointment she wrapped my face with a towel but it felt as if I was wrapped in a warm cocoon. I didn’t want it to end.

However, it ended about 10 seconds later. Ashley made up for it by placing warm cloth over my eyelids. The heat felt good.

Following the extractions, another cleansing ritual and exfoliation, Ashley put a tomato and garlic mask on my face and chest. While the mask was setting, Ashley massaged my arms and feet.

The session ended with another foot rub.  I walked out feeling like my legs were made of silk and my face was glowing.