Diving in a blue hole on Andros

The Andros dive experience ranges from shallow water, to wreck and blue-hole dives, and dramatic wall dives. You will have a breathtaking experience going through the Andros Barrier Reef, home to over 160 species of fish and coral. The 6,000-feet-deep Tongue of the Ocean attracts many diving enthusiasts to experience the unique phenomenon of diving along the face of the Great Wall, which requires good buoyancy. Three wrecks sunk in the 1970s can be found at moderate depths of 70-80 feet. Devotees of diving, such as the late Jacques Cousteau, call the caves and caverns within the blue holes here some of the most fascinating dive sites in the world. They reveal much about the island’s prehistoric geological past and you can peer into the lair of the Lucsa (a mythical blue-hole dwelling monster) or see the holes “breathe” as water flows in and out with the tides. Experienced guides will safely lead you to all of the sites. Diver certification courses and dive packages are also available.