Bimini is known as the fishing capital of the world, but a number of other marine life can also be found in our beautiful turquoise waters. The island's proximity to Florida allows a variety of majestic creatures to venture into Bahamian waters, including Manatees — large, gentle, harmless mammals. They feed on sea grasses and algae, which are plentiful in The Bahamas; other food such as lettuce cannot provide the nutrients manatees need to survive.

While you're here, you will most likely spot one at the docks and marinas, seeking fresh water, which they need to survive. However, providing water only encourages them to come to the marinas, where they can be hit by boat propellors, one of the main causes of harm to them.

NOTE: Manatees are a protected species in The Bahamas; it is unlawful to harm them in any way (section 4(1) Marine Mammal Protections Act, 2005). Our Department of Fisheries warns not to feed, touch, give water to, or have any close interaction with a manatee. So, do take care when encountering them.

Contact Information:
Mr. Thomas Butler, Port & Fisheries Office
(242) 347-3222
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