Swimming pigs

Relief Bay Eco Park is a natural creation of God featuring swimming pigs. The beautiful environment will take your breath away. It's world class environment is one of a kind. The marine line, birds, native plats and nature trails would have you fascinated. Come and experience total tranquility with our world class environment.

Marine life: sharks, starfish, conch, bonefish, dolphins, etc

Native plants: cascarilla, yellow elder, lignum vitae, fire finger, silver top, silver thatch, fig tree, etc

Birds: flamingos, bahama mocking bird, pearly eyed thrasher, humming birds


Relief Bay Eco Park

Relief Bay Eco Park

Relief Bay Eco Park


Price range: $10.00 - $200.00

Lovely Bay Acklins
Contact Information:
Emon Willimson
(242) 454 0879
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