Bringing your beloved to Rum Cay, known as a “sleeping beauty,” will give you a break from the rat race and help to reignite that loving feeling. The laidback ambiance on this tiny jewel of an island allows you to get up close and personal with your beloved and the locals. You will learn more about island life than you would in some other areas. Picturesque Port Nelson, its only town, is surrounded by coconut trees and has less than 100 residents. Its interesting places can be explored arm in arm in one afternoon and you won't even need a guide. Shop for samples of local wares to take home, made by persons in the arts and crafts cottage industry. Enjoy some of the island's other flavors in the few intimate bars and restaurants offering Bahamian delicacies. St. George's Bay offers a breathtaking sunset and is also a perfect place to watch the silvery moon climbing the night's sky while enjoying a romantic picnic with a bonfire. On the outskirts of town, you can explore abandoned villages and caves with drawings and remnants of the Lucayan-Arawak Indians. Visit the salt pond to see its protected ecosystem and young marine life. Paddleboard, snorkel, and have a couple's massage in its therapeutic mud.