A Wedding in Cat Island

Cat Island has one of the most ideal climates in The Bahamas, because its location near the Tropic of Cancer means that the temperature range is mid-60’s in the winter and high 80’s in the summer. So, you will likely have good weather for a beach-side wedding at sunrise, sunset, or any time of day, and on your choice of colored sand. For a unique experience, have your ceremony in the medieval-style chapel on Mount Alvernia at the highest point on Cat Island, or go traditional in an historic church built in the 1800s. Choose a garden setting at any of the resorts for your ceremony and follow it with your wedding party strolling barefoot on the beach, complete with flowers and tiki torches. Or, a number of down home restaurants can provide that authentically Bahamian experience. Whatever you wish, hotels here can assist with your plans. Packages can be tailored to include whatever amenities and features you wish, plus accommodations.