Long Island is very eco-friendly, endowed with natural beauty and charm that provides endless opportunities to experience nature hikes, nature walks, and eco-marine activities. It is home to the world famous Dean’s Blue Hole, deepest blue hole in the world and the second largest underwater chamber. It is a great spot to snorkel and revel in some of the best underwater sights, if you are a strong diver. A small flock of flamingos migrated from Inagua to Long Island a few years ago and made their home at the southern tip of the island. Large numbers of the endangered West Indian Whistling Duck can also be found here. They inhabit secluded mangroves and other wetland areas and sightings are rare, due to their secretive nocturnal nature. Other species of waterfowl can be seen along the shorelines, and migratory and indigenous species roost in hardwood trees. Eco-tours are available to visit Sandy Cay and feed the iguanas, explore starfish beds, or spot dolphins in the wild.