The primary water sports activity in Long Island is snorkeling and the island is even more amazing below the surface. The waters off each side offer a distinctively different experience. The rugged Atlantic coast features corals appropriate to the varying conditions; the Caribbean side, waving soft corals. On both sides look for varieties of brightly colored reef fish, spotted rays, hawksbill sea turtles and other bottom dwellers. Snorkeling tours are available to many interesting sites—Eagle Ray Reef, Flamingo Tongue Reef, Poseidon Point, Rainbow Reef, Turtle Cove and Watermelon Beach. The fee includes use of snorkel gear during the trip. Most of the guest houses and hotels offer kayaks to guests and you can even use them for free with the price of lunch at a restaurant. You will have the best experience on the Caribbean side of the island because the Atlantic side has a lot of reefs and rough waters.